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Welcome to the Clinic Of Aesthetic Medicine and Integrative Healthcare – the perfect fusion of health and beauty. Our practice merges women’s healthcare and aesthetic medicine.

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We look forward to seeing you from the comfort of your home!

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The pandemic has ushered in a new normal, and part of that involves managing almost every aspect of life without leaving home, adding an extra layer of details to our routines.

It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking time to care for yourself by eating healthy, finding ways to be active, and getting lots of sleep

Staying up-to-date with medical visits and screenings is also a critical part of staying on top of your health

Telemedicine is a great alternative for visits that do not require a physical exam like follow-up visits, reviewing lab results, discussing your imaging results and much more.

We’re pleased to offer you video-based virtual visits so you can see us and receive care right from the safety and comfort of home.

Instead of visiting our office, you can join us online over a secure video connection and receive the same great care and information you expect from an in-person visit. 

Virtual Visits are easy and can be booked at your convenience from the comfort of your home

  • Call or message our office to book your virtual visit
  • You will receive an email with detailed instructions on the payment method via online bank transfer. 
  • Upon payment confirmation, you will receive a link to book your most convenient consult time on our online diary
  • Fill out our online intake form sent via email
  • Join the appointment on your selected day/time and wait for our Medical Doctor to start the visit 


What Type of Appointments are Offered as Virtual Visits?

  • Gynaecology follow up appointments only
  • Contraception (birth control) consultation, changing birth control
  • Infertility consultation
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Post-Op appointments
  • Reviewing lab and blood test results
  • Prescription refills
  • Medication adjustments
  • Reviewing imaging results such as ultrasounds CT Scans and mammograms
  • Rashes, bumps, and other uncomfortable issues.

How To Prepare For Your Virtual Visit

  • Ensure you are in a private and quiet space with access to a computer or device with a camera/microphone.


  • If you are using a smartphone, download the Zoom application from Google Play or the iPhone App Store. If you are unfamiliar with zoom, we are happy to guide you through the set up.


  • Open the email that was sent to you with the scheduled visit information and click the link to join the meeting.


  • Log in a couple minutes before your appointment


  • Make a note of all your questions and concerns to discuss at the appointment. Have the relevant medical documents handy


  • If you are running late to your appointment, call or message our office to let us know

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