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Welcome to the Clinic Of Aesthetic Medicine and Integrative Healthcare – the perfect fusion of health and beauty. Our practice merges women’s healthcare and aesthetic medicine.

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Adolescent Medicine

Dealing with those difficult adolescent years, our Adolescent Health and Medicine Program addresses the physical, emotional, and general health care issues that children, teens, and young adults from ages 10 to 21 normally encounter.

Adolescence is a transition period between childhood and adulthood.  For you and your child, adolescence presents unique health challenges that include their physical development, nutrition, body image, and emotional well-being. It is a stressful developmental period filled with major changes in menstrual issues, acne, excessive body hair growth, emotional eating, and overall self-confidence. Addressing the healthcare needs of this age group, requires not only addressing specific concerns, but also the overall developmental changes that are occurring simultaneously.

As adolescents begin to take responsibility for their own health, education and promotion of preventive healthcare is especially important. Teaching preventive healthcare (such as pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, health and nutrition) requires special consideration and effort to ensure understanding and encourage compliance.

Acne. Periods. Peer Pressure, excessive facial & body hair growth, etc.

Acne and too much hair growth in places you do not expect. There is a lot going on health-wise during the teen years. It helps to have a professional team who understands. The teen years are one of the most crucial times for their health. It is just as important to have regular check-ups now as when they were kids to stay healthy and well, now, and later in life. Adolescent medicine specialists understand that — and are there to help!