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Diabetes Management Coaching

12 Week Program

Here’s what’s Inside

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Our 12-week Diabetes Management package is for those people who have diabetes and need help in managing it. While some people might have it for years, others would have had been recently diagnosed. Our team will create and individualized plan to meet your specific goals.

Diabetes and the Risk Factors

The main difference between the two types of diabetes is that type 1 diabetes is a genetic disorder that often shows up early in life, and type 2 develops over time. The Risk factors for type 2 diabetes are not as well-defined as for the former. Our detailed health history intake form will guide us in creating an individualized plan just for you.

Setting Goals

You will sit together with our coach to set goals for yourself in this package. Ranging from weight management, diet plans, exercise and much more, our expert team will help you with every step. Once you’re done with this program, you will feel stronger, healthier, energized and of course, happier.

Weight Management

Research has shown regulating blood sugar is the crucial focal point in diabetes management. Eating the right diet and making sure you are active play an important role for people with diabetes. We’ll make the best plan for you to follow!


If you have diabetes, exercise is important makes your body more accepting of insulin (the hormone that permits cells in your body to utilize glucose for energy). Physical activity likewise helps reduce the spikes in blood sugar levels and the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Our coaches will fine-tune a workout regime for you that’ll not only be easy to manage but will keep you physically fit for years to come.

Healthful Eating Recipes

The main thing about diabetes is managing your blood sugar levels. Likewise, its important to eat foods that help inhibit the fluctuations of your glucose levels. Our coaches will you determine your daily consumption, based on your age, sex, energy, and the goals you set earlier.

Body Composition Analysis and Report

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is a system of identifying the fat mass and lean muscle. With the results of this test, our team will create a complete plan that will be best for you.

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