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Welcome to the Clinic Of Aesthetic Medicine and Integrative Healthcare – the perfect fusion of health and beauty. Our practice merges women’s healthcare and aesthetic medicine.

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We are proud to offer many cosmetic treatments to help our patients improve their confidence and well-being. Although we continuously search for the most advanced procedures, we only offer our patients safe and reliable treatments that have been clinically tested and have the support of the scientific community.

Our certified and internationally trained providers will evaluate, determine, and discuss treatment options that will deliver the best results. Our main goal at the clinic of Aesthetic Medicine is to educate you while we guide you through a customized treatment plan and for you to look and FEEL your best.

We offer a range of advanced medical aesthetics and laser treatments to meet your goals!

 All treatments require a consultation before starting your individualized treatment plan

Laser Aesthetics

Skin Health & Restoration

Digital Skin Analysis and Skin Consultation

This analysis evaluates the skin’s hydration levels, texture, pigmentation, and underlying concerns to provide objective data that facilitates the development of customized treatments. 

It identifies underlying skin conditions, such as acne-prone or sensitive skin, that may require specialized treatment. 
Additionally, the analysis aids in monitoring the efficacy of facial treatments over time, allowing for any necessary adjustments. 
The results can also serve as an educational resource, informing individuals about their skin issues and suggesting at-home skin care practices. 

Facial Treatments

Your skin is an ever-changing, ever-growing organ that is constantly replacing itself

Oncology Nourishing Facial

Gentle Care for Your Skin During Chemotherapy

Customized Facials

Reveal your skin's natural radiance with personalized treatments. Improving your skin’s appearance on a long-term basis requires more than a quick, topical application for blemishes or wrinkles.

The correction of skin problems is not achieved by covering them up, but by working with the skin to restore its natural, healthy state. Conventional “skin care” creams and lotions are unable to deliver their ingredients to an effective depth and may give the illusion or the feel of improving some skin problems.

Relax & Rejuvenate

Mommy to be Facial

A safe, relaxing, indulgence to replenish the skin, revealing a youthful, glowing complexion. Balance any problematic skin with safe effective topicals. With a radiant looking complexion, mommy to be can focus on her baby without worrying about her skin

Tranquility Stress Relief Facial

Relax the body and refresh the spirt with an extraordinary treatment for soothing, rejuvenating and nourishing the skin. Incredible sensations & euphoric aromas - Give your skin a healthy dose of nutrients with this luxurious escape